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The Lodge was established in 1887

The Blavatsky Lodge was founded in May 1887 by Madame Blavatsky herself in Norwood, Greater London. It is part of the International Headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India, following its three objects. In 1934 the Lodge moved, with the English Section of the Theosophical Society, to 50 Gloucester Place in the centre of London. Today, we are a virtual lodge and we hold our study groups on a Thursday evening at 7pm via Zoom.

We do welcome new members to join our ongoing weekly group of Theosophy students, however, we have to point out that this is a serious study group and not suitable for newcomers or people with very little experience of Theosophy. If you would like to learn more about Theosophy please take a look at theosophicalsociety.org.uk where you will find details of the diploma course and information on up and coming talks and events.

The Emblem of the Theosophical Society

The Emblem of the Theosophical Society is composed of a number of symbols, all of which have been used from very ancient times to express profound spiritual and philosophical concepts about the human being and the universe. They are found in a variety of forms in the great religions of the world and their universality is further shown by their appearance in widely separated cultures. Each symbol studied separately will yield a wealth of understanding. Taken together, as in this emblem, they suggest a vast evolutionary process embracing the whole of nature, physical and spiritual and their study may lead the serious inquirer to contemplate some of the deepest mysteries of existence. Partly because of their antiquity and partly because of the difficulty of establishing their origin, the symbols cannot be interpreted with a narrow precision. The interpretation here offered is to be taken as suggestive of the truths they seek to convey rather than as an exact statement of their meaning.

The Motto: Surrounding the emblem runs the motto of The Theosophical Society, ‘There is no Religion Higher than Truth.’ This motto is a rough translation of the original Sanskrit motto which reads SATYAN NASTI PARO DHARMA, translated “There Is No Dharma (Doctrine) Higher than Truth.” The motto suggests that there is no doctrine or intellectual formulation, mental perception, concepts, higher than illumination, awareness, liberation.

The Ankh: In the centre of the emblem is the Egyptian cross known as the Ankh or the Crux Ansata. This cross was very sacred in ancient Egypt. It was depicted in the hands of the gods, the Pharaohs, and the mummified dead. This is a symbol of life, of the living, of an oath, of covenant,of initiation, liberation, and also a symbol of chelaship.

The Hexagram: also known as the Seal of Solomon ( for the Jewish Kabalists), as well as the Sri Yantra and Satkona Chakram in the Indian tradition. This is a symbol of duality, good and evil, light and darkness, matter and spirit and so on. The duality of the interlaced triangles depicts opposites within the manifested world.

The Ouroboros: it is a Greek word which means ‘tail devourer.’ The tail devourer serpent is an ancient symbol of cycles. It is the symbol of eternity and infinity.

The Swastika: is the Fiery Cross, with arms of whirling flame revolving (clockwise) to represent the tremendous energies of nature incessantly creating and dissolving the forms through which the evolutionary process takes place.

The Aum: Surmounting the emblem is the sacred word of Hinduism in Sanskrit characters, the three letters not only represent the Trinity but also the notion of creative Logos sounding throughout and sustaining the universe.

Theosophy a Beacon of Light in a World of Chaos

History of Blavatsky Lodge

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Theosophy in the 21st century

Theosophy in the 21st century is the main theme of our summer programme (2016). You are invited to join us!

Early Publications

Under the influence and guidance of HPB and a number of students and thinkers, Blavatsky Lodge produced a number of very influential publications. Perhaps the most remarkable and known one was the magazine Lucifer.

What Blavatsky Lodge stands for

Blavatsky Lodge is a group of sincere students of the accumulated divine wisdom of the Ages, called Theosophy, within the Theosophical Society in England… Read more


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