White Lotus

The Spiritual Call

A Talk by William Meader
International Speaker of Esoteric Philosophy

Thursday 15th July 6pm

Starts 6.00pm London Time – Zoom link open from 5.45pm London Time

This is a unique opportunity for TSE Members to participate in an event featuring a prominent theosophical internationally recognised influential speaker and teacher. William’s talks are firmly rooted in the Trans-Himalayan system of esoteric thought of the Ageless Wisdom. He has established an international reputation for his ability to communicate and nurture a deep understanding of the spiritual path, and explain the complexities of abstract esoteric philosophy, in a way that provides illumination and relevance to his audiences.
William states: “People who are guided by their souls are destined to bring spiritual light to Humanity.  Around the world, spiritually minded people are responding to The Call to transform the human condition.  Such people are change agents in support of the Soul of Humanity and its evolution.  Yet, at times, various internal obstacles hinder them from truly rising to their soul’s calling.”
In this talk William will examine the nature of The Call as it manifests within human consciousness.  In addition, he will discuss how the personality (lower self) tends to block the soul’s intention, and what can be done to overcome this tendency.
The session will conclude with a guided meditation led by William.
Registration is not required for this event – Open to all –

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July 15


– 19:30

(1h 30′)


William Meader