One can memorise, study, regurgitate and reiterate the ageless, divine Theosophical teachings, but it is all for naught UNLESS THIS KNOWLEDGE IS PUT INTO APPLICATION, in every aspect of our daily lives.
This ancient, sacred knowledge has been handed down to us by the sages through the ages ~ for us to BECOME, not simply to read, study and pontificate, but COME TO BE the ancient divine science based on FACT, not faith. 
Many feel they must somehow get busy working to “change the world” yet the only way this can be done, is to change our own thoughts, our own behaviours, our actions and reactions … we must change ourselves. 
Anne Kelly is a serious student of Theosophy and has her own YouTube channel dedicated to spreading the Theosophical message. She has built up a subscription of almost 4000 followers under the YouTube channel entitled ‘Living Theosophy’. 
Anne has a background in public speaking and has been an on-air radio and television presenter for 30 years as well as a lecturer and motivational speaker on confidence building and communication and overcoming addiction.
As a labour of love and to be of service to Humanity, she recently began voicing Theosophical texts anonymously, and sharing her own experience from the study, digestion, practice and application of these sacred, ancient teachings across global social media platforms.
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March 28


– 19:30

(1h 30′)


Anne Kelly