Genealogy and the Tree of Life

A zoom lecture by Luke Ironside

Sunday 17th July –  6pm

Genealogy is far more than the perusing of dusty tomes in search of old Aunt Martha’s second cousin twice removed (although that is certainly a part of it!). Genealogy is the recognition of our fundamental human interconnectedness through our shared origins on the family tree of life. Through a study of such origins, we come to discover that we are indeed a single human family, each a branch upon the grand tree of life, growing in different directions, and yet sharing common roots. Theosophy posits a bond of Universal Brotherhood, made possible by the fact of the Oneness of Life. What can genealogy and the study of our family history reveal to us about the truths of unity and our fundamental interconnectedness with each other and all life? This talk will address recent findings in human DNA as well as provide practical tips in getting started on your own genealogical adventure!
Luke Michael Ironside is a Theosophical lecturer and writer from the UK and a member of the Theosophical Society. He has lectured at lodges internationally and has written for various Theosophical journals around the world. Having a deep interest in Christian mysticism, Luke is also active in the Old Catholic Apostolic Church, where he is cleric in minor orders. At present, Luke is serving as the Director of the Virtual Centre of Theosophical Studies, as a Delegate-at-Large of The Temple of the People, and as General Secretary of the Old Catholic Education Society.
Luke has always been fascinated by genealogy and has studied his family history for over 10 years. Having traced his ancestry as far back as William the Conqueror (and beyond), Luke has recently been appointed the Dean of the Society of the Descendants of the Conquest, a lineage society pendant to the Augustan Society (USA), a group of both amateur and professional scholars who focus on the fields of chivalry, genealogy, heraldry, and ancient & medieval history.
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July 17 @ 18:00
18:00 — 19:30 (1h 30′)


Luke Michael Ironside