White Lotus

Discipleship and Esoteric Service in the 21st Century

A Talk by Christine Morgan & Laurence Newey
President & Vice President of The Lucis Trust



Thursday 24th June 6pm

Starts 6.00pm London Time – Zoom link open from 5.45pm London Time

The Lucis Trust was founded in America by two TS members, Alice A. Bailey and her husband, Foster in 1922. 
Christine and Laurence of the Lucis Trust will share their thoughts on the dynamic nature of discipleship and esoteric service in the 21st Century concerning the relationship between meditation and the problems and challenges facing humanity. 
Christine states: “It is in this context that the role of esoteric groups lies in the art of vitalising ideas that resonate with the philosophy of the Ageless Wisdom, as well as with progressive, contemporary thinking. It has an abstract practicality about it that creates a bridge of communication between the higher and lower levels of the mental plane, and consequently between the Hierarchy and human kingdoms.This is the means of externalising the inner work in the Divine Plan. Esoteric service is therefore the ability to “look without” and see the world clearly as it is. It is equally the ability to then “look within” and see that which is waiting in the inner world to take the place of the outer. At the midway point the disciple uses the power of creative concentration to help bring this to fruition.”
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June 24


– 19:30

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Christine Morgan, Laurence Newey